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03 November 2011 @ 01:37 pm

On my first day I was so nervous, I couldn’t say a word
We didn’t know back then that we’d spend these many days together
But we’ve already…

We were all so inexperienced- we would be cocky and show off
We didn’t know back then that we’d get to know each other like this
But we’ve already….

There’s so many things that we’ve shared together
The dripping sweat, tears and secrets
Even all the times we hated each other
But I can love all those times- we’ve already

We can’t grow apart- then I will miss you- I love my friends
I will never forget- embrace me, don’t forget me, don’t change

Our faces were flushed- we all almost gave up
But we didn’t let go of our hands
I was so thankful for back then
We’ve already, we’ve already

There’s so many things that we’ve shared together
The dripping sweat, tears and secrets
Even all the times we hated each other
But I can love all those times- we’ve already

Someday we will all have to say goodbye
We might not be able to see each other
Then our memories will be our strength
Till the day we meet again some day

Na na na na na na ~ we’ve already

We can’t grow apart- then I will miss you- I love my friends
I will never forget- embrace me, don’t forget me, I love you

I don't know but... there's something in this song's lyrics that makes my heart ache. It's like, it has a hidden message and they're like... saying goodbye. As an ELF, I can't help but be afraid. I fear that we might lose them soon and I... I don't know what to do. They've become a huge part of my life. They've become the reason for almost everything.

Leeteuk... oh, how much I love that man.

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02 November 2011 @ 06:00 pm

Wahuhuhu. I just posted something because... I was bored? I haven't been talking that much here in LJ, I've been a silent reader (well, it's more like I've turned back into being my silent-slash-creeper self) again, and I'm not commenting on fics or posts a few of my friends here in LJ have made. I miss my friends here. ;____;

I'm not a social butterfly like the others. I'm usually awkward around people (especially the ones I'm not that close or comfortable with) so I tend to keep my silence and wait for the other person to start the conversation. I'm so awkward that sometimes I don't even know what to say so I just don't post replies to them even though how much I wanted to talk and get close to them and keep them squishy in my company but I just can't because like I said, I'm so awkward and shy around people. ;A; I want to be able to hold conversations with someone comfortably, without any tad of awkwardness overwhelming me. ;____;

But when I come to be so close and comfortable with someone, I tend to be so awfully talkative and noisy and I become too annoying for someone to be able to tolerate. I'll be so clingy and cheesy and sweet to you and I sometimes (no, always) act like a child. I'm too childish and child-like. Waaa. D;

Now I feel like I'm a loner or something though I have my friends with me. I feel like I'm weird. Huhuhu.

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22 October 2011 @ 10:04 pm
What was/is your favorite class?
Lol. I know this is the first time I'm going to answer a question from "Writers Block" or whatever it is. orz. Haha. Anyway, if I have my favorite subject, it's English. It's the easiest subject for me. :D
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20 September 2011 @ 08:53 pm
A/N: A 'fast' update. Anyway, I don't know what happened to me, that the second chapter turned out this way. My apologies. Huhu. *goes hide in a corner*

“What’s that for? Jongwoon, as far as I know, you’re already 18, and you’re still playing with stuffed toys?” Heechul, Jongwoon’s brother said, frowning as the younger scan through the different kinds of stuffed toys in a toy store inside the mall where they decided to go since Heechul came back from China a few days ago.

“Nothing, Hyung,” he said, still looking at the toys as if he’s unsatisfied with the other toys displayed. “Just for… a special… friend,”

Heechul chuckled, giving his brother a knowing look. He let his brother to take his time as he excused himself, saying that his phone was ringing.

The saleslady approached him, giving him a bow. “Anything you need, Sir?” Jongwoon smiled and asked the saleslady, “Do you have a Jiggly Puff stuffed toy?”

The saleslady smiled and went to the stock room. After 3 minutes, the saleslady came out, 4 different versions of Jiggly Puff stuffed toys in hand. “What do you like out of these, Sir?” she asked, and Jongwoon looked at the toys on her hand.

There are 4 versions of it, there’s this one that’s dressed in a princess’ costume, the other one wearing a small blue bow tie with a microphone on hand, another dressed in a Santa costume, and the last one, is the simplest one. It has a microphone on its hand, and when you press it, a sweet song will play.

Jongwoon smiled. “I’ll take all of it,” he said, pulling out his wallet from his pocket.

“Are these for your girlfriend, Sir? She’s lucky, for sure, because you are so sweet.” She asked while wrapping the toys. Jongwoon didn’t answer, but smiled and handed her his payment instead, mumbling a soft, “Thank you, Miss,” before he went out.

“You’re done?” Heechul asked, standing outside the shop.

“Yeah,” Jongwoon answered, carrying 4 bags in his hands.

“That’s too many, I’m sure that friend would like those gifts. That friend’s a bit childish, huh?” Heechul joked, letting out a soft laugh as he took a bag from his brother’s hand. “Too many to handle by yourself,” he said and shrugged when Jongwoon gave him a confused look.


Ryeowook hurried going to his class. He’s literally running, afraid that he might miss his first class when someone called him, a man with brown, messy-looking hair and shining crescent-like brown eyes. The same man he had loved for years, yet the man who rejected him.


“Y-y-yes?” He stuttered, the same way he did when he confessed to this man in front of him.

Jongwoon smiled while Ryeowook looked at anything but him. “After dismissal, go to the library.” He said, walking away. Ryeowook watched his retreating figure with a confused look, not really getting what the older man had said.

Since he’s getting late, Ryeowook just shrugged it off and walked silently to his class.

He ducked so that Mr. Shin won’t see him. “You’re late again.” Someone whispered and Ryeowook knew who it was.

“Min Hyung,” he said, fishing out his notebook and pen from his backpack. “I woke up late,” he started writing his notes, not even bothering looking at his friend.

“Why are you always like that?” Sungmin said and turned his attention back to his abandoned notes. Ryeowook shrugged and continued writing.

“Uh, Hyung?” Ryeowook whispered for their teacher might hear them and make them leave his class in no time and that’s stupid for him.

“Hmm?” Sungmin replied, his head tilting up and down while he writes his notes.

“Jongwoon-ssi…” He started and his voice low. “He told me to go to the library after dismissal.”

Sungmin’s head snapped up, his hands seemed like it had a mind of its own and stopped writing. “You’re going?”

“I... I don’t know.”

“You should go, Wook. Maybe he’s going to start tutoring you today. You know, the final exams for this semester are getting nearer again.” Sungmin said, patting Ryeowook’s arms.


“No buts.” Sungmin cut him off. “You need it. And besides, this meeting later could help you lessen the awkwardness between you two. Isn’t that a good idea?”

Ryeowook could do nothing but to stay silent. Because he knows that no matter what he does, he’ll never win over Sungmin’s monologues.

The school bell rang, signalling them that the subject before lunch was over. Ryeowook stood up from his seat, fixing his stuffs.

“Hey, Wook, I’ll be with Kyu at the cafeteria, we’ll wait for you there.” Sungmin said, standing beside the other, carrying his bag.

Ryeowook nodded and Sungmin went out. He quietly followed after Sungmin, walking out of their classroom with a blank expression on his face.

His brows rose when he noticed a small jiggly puff inspired stuff toy inside his locker, wearing a Santa costume. Who would give that to him? And that person knew his interests for sure. He smiled, slightly hugging the soft thing. ‘Could it be Sungmin Hyung? I bragged about this last time.’ He thought and made his way to the cafeteria where Kyuhyun and Sungmin are waiting for him.


“Psst.” Sungmin jumped when he felt someone creeping behind his back.

“Kyuhyun-ah. I almost had a heart-attack.” He said, clutching his chest dramatically. Kyuhyun smiled as he sat on an empty seat beside Sungmin, stealing a bite from the other’s sandwich.

Sungmin snatched his sandwich back, rolling his eyes at Kyuhyun. “When will you ever learn how to buy your own snack?"

Kyuhyun shrugged, taking a sip from Sungmin’s juice. “HEY! CHO KYUHYUN!” He laughed, seeing Sungmin pout.

“Sorry, Hyung, hungry Kyuhyun is hungry.” He said, wiping his lips using the edge of his sleeve.

“You… anyway, where’s Wook? I told him to follow after me.” Sungmin said, looking around the cafeteria.

“There he is, so don’t be so paranoid. You always worry about him. What about me?” Kyuhyun said, pointing to the direction of the cafeteria’s entrance, faking a hurt expression which Sungmin ignored seeing their friend approaching their place.

Ryeowook sat with a smile on an empty seat beside Kyuhyun which was reserved for him, putting his bag and the cute little toy on another vacant space. “Oh, that’s so cute, Wook! Who gave that to you?” Sungmin asked, noticing the stuffed toy perched beside Ryeowook’s bag.

“It wasn’t from you?” Ryeowook asked innocently, looking at Sungmin. Sungmin stared back, mirroring the same expression from Ryeowook as he shakes his head.

“It wasn’t,” Sungmin answered, reaching out to get the toy from Ryeowook’s hand. “Hmm, smells like strawberries. It’s even wearing a Santa costume! This is really sweet. Where did you get this, by the way?” He said, smelling the little toy on his hand.

“I saw it when I opened my locker,” Ryeowook shrugged, moving to stand.

“Where are you going?” Sungmin looked up at Ryeowook.

“Getting something to eat? How about you, Kyu? Aren’t you going to buy yours?” Ryeowook asked, looking at the latter.

Kyuhyun stood up from his seat and tugged Ryeowook’s sleeve. “I am, let’s go, shall we? How about you, Hyung, aren’t you coming with us?” He looked at Sungmin, still holding Ryeowook’s wrist.

Sungmin rolled his eyes, shooting a glance at Kyuhyun’s hand gripping Ryeowook’s and shook his head. Kyuhyun turned, his back facing Sungmin, his lips forming a smirk.

“Thank you, Wook.” Kyuhyun suddenly blurted out, making Ryeowook look at him with a face hinted with confusion.

“For what?” Ryeowook asked.

“Didn’t you see? I made him jealous.” Kyuhyun said, smiling dreamily, that he almost bumped to another student holding a tray with her lunch on it. He bowed slightly as an apology, and the kind girl accepted it.

Ryeowook chuckled, realizing how childish Kyuhyun was. “How rude, you even held my hand to make him jealous? You… I don’t know what’s running through your mind, genius.” He said sarcastically and Kyuhyun just laughed at the sarcastic remark.

“If I didn’t do that, would he realize his feelings? Sungmin Hyung… that guy… Why is he always rejecting me?” Kyuhyun almost screamed in annoyance, earning them some annoyed look from the other students.

Ryeowook just smiled at his friend, patting its shoulder as if mocking and somehow, comforting him. While Kyuhyun… he just stayed like that, sulking as he chose his food and put it on his tray with a pout, just like a child.


“Hi Hyung,” a guy wearing a tiger printed sweater greeted him with a gummy smile and sat on a chair beside him, a tray of food on his hand.

Jongwoon looked up from his food, returning the smile that soon turned into a frown, noticing the sweater the guy was wearing. “Uh, Hyuk, what’s with the sweater?”

“Why? What’s wrong with wearing a sweater?” Eunhyuk asked innocently, taking a sip from his strawberry milk.

“Nothing, but, why is it designed with tiger prints?” Jongwoon asked as he continued eating his lunch.

Eunhyuk looked at him with an expression that’s as if saying that he had said something too stupid or offensive. “Huh? Isn’t it pretty? Donghae said that he liked me wearing this,” he said, lowering his head to hide his visible blushing cheeks.

Like Ryeowook, Jongwoon also didn’t have as many friends as the other popular kids out there. He only had Eunhyuk, Donghae and Kyuhyun by his side. Although he had a few number of friends, he’s okay with it. They are his best friends whom he trusts for a long time already, and he knows that he could always lean on them whenever he needed someone.

He laughed softly at his friend’s actions. “So, it’s because of Donghae. I see,” he said, ruffling the other’s hair. “Where is he, by the way?”

Before Eunhyuk could even answer, a figure hugged him from behind, making him gasp.

“Hi Hyung! Hi Hyukkie!” Donghae said enthusiastically, putting an arm on Eunhyuk’s shoulders, making the latter blush at the sudden contact with his little crush.

“Hey, Hae,” Yesung greeted, shifting his gaze from Donghae to Eunhyuk, and Eunhyuk seemed a little uneasy with Donghae’s actions. “Have you eaten your lunch?”

“I haven’t, and I’m hungry,” he said, emphasizing the last word. He tugged onto Eunhyuk’s sleeve like a five year-old asking his mommy to feed him. “Hyukkie could share his food with me, right, Hyukkie?” He smiled when Eunhyuk reached out with a spoonful of rice on hand to start feeding him.

Jongwoon just chuckled and shook his head, looking at his friends with disbelief and amusement.

His friend, Eunhyuk has this little crush with his other friend, Donghae. The younger is in love, and Jongwoon wanted to feel how Eunhyuk feels. He had known how it feels like to fall in love. Falling in love is happy, yet painful. But now, he’s opening his heart for this someone, someone which is Ryeowook. Ryeowook and his ex-lover are different persons anyway, so, why not take the risk?

But he wasn’t really sure if his love would be requited or not. Because he knows that he rejected Ryeowook before, so he wasn’t so sure if the other still had his feelings for him. And he’s going to find out if there’s still a chance for them because now, he’s ready to open his heart and love again.

And now, he’s ready to acknowledge his feelings. He had already fallen in love with Ryeowook.


Ryeowook was fixing his things inside his locker when something had struck into him. He looked at his wrist watch, and he nearly cursed. 15 minutes had already passed since dismissal. He quickly put his things inside his locker and grabbed his Biology book with him.

He opened the library’s door quietly, trying hard not to disturb the other students inside. He looked around for Jongwoon, but the man’s nowhere in sight. He face-palmed, thinking that Jongwoon had already left and got impatient waiting for him.

“Hey,” He felt someone tapped his shoulder, and if they weren’t in the library, he could have squeaked. If it wasn’t Jongwoon, he could have smacked the man’s head.

He bowed, mumbling “I’m sorry I’m late, Jongwoon-sshi,” over and over.

Jongwoon held his shoulders, making Ryeowook stop his bowing. “Look, Ryeowook-sshi, it’s alright, so, let’s take a seat, shall we?”

Ryeowook nodded shyly, avoiding Jongwoon’s gaze. He followed the other man who’s now holding his bag and books, insisting that he should help him.

“Jongwoon-sshi, you don’t really have to—“

“It’s comfortable here in the couch, Ryeowook-sshi. So, let’s seat here?” Jongwoon cut him off, placing his things beside the sofa gently.

Again, he nodded, unable to produce any word or sound. They stayed awkward and silent for good 5 minutes until Jongwoon decided to break it because he knows that Ryeowook wouldn’t.

“Ryeowook-sshi… about the confession…” He started, glancing at the other whose eyes were glued on his fingers which were lacing and unlacing, resembling the time when he confessed.

“Ah, yeah…” Ryeowook mumbled, his eyes never leaving whatever he is looking at.

“Are you—“

“Please, let’s just don’t talk about it for awhile, Jongwoon-sshi.” Ryeowook’s voice was soft as he said those words. He doesn’t really like to talk about it for now, and he believes that there’s a right time for that. For now, all he wanted to do is to excel in his studies with the help of Jongwoon and befriends with him.

“Sorry,” Jongwoon said softly, almost a whisper, understanding what the younger meant with his words.

Ryeowook tilted his head and a small smile ghosted across his face. “Don’t be.”

Jongwoon returned his smile and offered his small hand which Ryeowook immediately shook. “So, are we friends now?”



A/N: What do you think? Okay, the story was like... ugh. Sorry, really, sorry. I'll do better next time. Huhu/ I really suck at everything. /le sobs
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A/N: After fort eight years. Lol. Well, it's still corny and such. So... enjoy? XD *runs away*

"You know, Wookie. I don't see something wrong with Jongwoon-ssi tutoring you." Ryeowook find himself face-to-face with Sungmin, saying those words to him. Yes, in Sungmin's and other people's eyes, there's nothing wrong with Jongwoon tutoring him. First, Jongwoon is an honour student, and not to mention, the first one in his class. He's also strict when it comes to academics, so Sungmin's sure that the man could let Ryeowook focus on his studies. Second, Jongwoon's also a student, a year ahead from them. But it doesn't matter, as long as he could let Ryeowook understand certain things the boy needs to know. Lastly, Jongwoon is also a friend of Kyuhyun, much to Sungmin's delight for he is also sure that they could get along because Kyuhyun had once said that the man is a very good friend. "Kyuhyun also told me that he would help you, free. So, it means you don't have to pay for your tutorial fees, and you must be grateful for that."

Even though Sungmin assured him that everything would turn out fine, Ryeowook's still unsure if it really would.


After having a long time admiring the older man, Ryeowook decided to confess his feelings for him on a sunny afternoon, while Jongwoon is sitting on a bench located at the school grounds under a cherry blossom tree. Jongwoon is reading his favorite pocket book, while humming to the song playing on his ipod. The warm air brushes his brown hair, giving a better vision of his crescent-like eyes.

Ryeowook walked slowly towards him, his steps getting heavier, his heart beating thrice faster, his hands shaking. It took some mere seconds for Jongwoon to notice the younger man's presence. He looked up, and saw the other, looking at him with hopeful eyes. "Yes?" he said and smiled thinly. He rarely smiles, and those smiles are often showed just to his friends. But smiling a bit doesn't cause any harm, so he did.

Ryeowook fidgeted a bit, causing Jongwoon to raise his brows slightly. "Can... I uhm... Can I t-talk t-to y-you?" he stuttered, lacing and unlacing his long, slim fingers.

"Okay." Jongwoon responded and moved aside to give a space for Ryeowook to sit. "Please take a seat."

Ryeowook did what he was told, his racing heartbeat and trembling body didn't help him in earning the words he's supposed to say. It must be right, appropriate, and if ever possible, perfect. They stayed in silence for a couple of minutes, with Jongwoon staring at him straight in the eyes, waiting for him to start talking. With his eyes glued to his hands which were still lacing and unlacing because of the nervousness engulfing him, he started to talk.

"Jongwoon-ssi," he started, gulping as he says the other man's name. "I, uh... I..." unfortunately, he can't find the right words to say. He closed his eyes and his fists clenching tightly. He's afraid that Jongwoon would get mad at him, or the worse, leave him and yell at him because he kept on... stuttering. With this man staring at you with his brown orbs, it's impossible for you to say something right, or even breathe.

"You like me, don't you?" To his surprise, Jongwoon said those words straight to his face. Ryeowook's eyes snapped open, his cheeks tinted with a light shade of red. He nodded shyly, refusing to look at Jongwoon.

"Sorry, Ryeowook-ssi. Thank you. But, I'm not planning to accept anyone for now." Jongwoon said, making a move to stand, stretching his short arms. "You'll find someone better than me, I know that. Because I think you're a nice person." Jongwoon said before he bid Ryeowook goodbye, his lips twitching into a tiny smile.

Ryeowook was left there, sitting on that bench, his heart broken. And he didn't even have the chance to speak. Was he being too obvious, for Jongwoon to know that he likes the other man? Or, was he being so straight forward that he didn't even think of what would Jongwoon feel if he will confess to him while they barely know each other? Or the worse, maybe... Just maybe... Jongwoon doesn't like him?


That confession he made to Jongwoon was still fresh in his memory, even though that was already a year ago. And no one knew about it, even Sungmin, nor Kyuhyun. After that encounter, he didn't even dared talking to the other, or looking at him in the eyes. But he's still in love with Jongwoon. He knows that. Even if it hurts, Ryeowook would care less. And today, he found himself sitting on that bench with Sungmin, exactly the one he and Jongwoon sat on while he do his confession.

He's still not ready to talk to Jongwoon. And now, he would be tutoring him. Ryeowook's unsure if he could bear the awkwardness that would engulf them the moment he'll come face-to-face with Jongwoon after a year since he confessed. On that whole year, Ryeowook had kept in his mind that Jongwoon dislikes him. So he's afraid to face him ever again.


"Hyung, a friend needs your help." Jongwoon was reading his favourite pocket book, with his earphones stuck on his ears like he always does when his best friend, Kyuhyun approached him, saying that his friend needs his help. He looked up and took his book away, diverting his attention from the book to Kyuhyun.

"What help? And, who's this friend?" He asked, crossing his legs and fixing his black, thick rimmed specs.

"He needs to have tutorial sessions for Biology," Kyuhyun sat on the vacant chair beside his friend. "His name is Ryeowook, Kim Ryeowook."

Jongwoon recalled the memory. The day when he rejected the guy's confession. The guy who’s name is Ryeowook. He knows the younger, for he always sees him. In the library, in the cafeteria, in the school grounds with his friends he knew were Sungmin and of course, Kyuhyun.

"I'll help him," he said, a bit surprise with his own words. He agreed without a second thought, so he's just hoping that everything would be okay. He wasn't sure if Ryeowook would ever want to talk to him again after he rejected him. He felt bad for the guy, but he doesn't want to hurt him either, so he just chose to reject him. He hasn't gotten over a heart break yet, and if ever he'll enter a relationship again, he wants to give his whole heart to his lover.

"Really? Thank you, Hyung. I'll tell him that you agreed," Kyuhyun said as he flashed Jongwoon his childish smile. "Hyung, I'll go now, I still need to go to my English class with Sungmin. See you," Kyuhyun bid Jongwoon goodbye, walking towards the door.

"I told you not to forget calling Sungmin-ssi Hyung," Jongwoon reminded and Kyuhyun gave off a small laugh, sticking his tongue out.

Jongwoon has been observing Ryeowook. In silence. When they coincidentally meet in some places, he manages to steal some glances at the other man without him noticing it. Jongwoon's a bit secretive, maybe that's why. Or maybe because... Ryeowook didn't even spare him a glance after that confession. He doesn't know why, but after that day, he finds himself longing to see Ryeowook every day, stare at him, even if the man won't return those stares.

He doesn't know if he likes Ryeowook. But he kept on telling himself that he doesn't. He had also kept thinking that Ryeowook hated him, started to dislike him and all. So he refused to acknowledge his feelings.

Every time there's a chance, Jongwoon would stare at Ryeowook while the other man wasn't looking. And with that, he didn't fail to notice everything about him, even those small details. Like, the way Ryeowook loved biting his lips, or pouting. And he finds it cute. And when he does, Jongwoon can't help but to smile at himself.

He decided to help him because, there’s nothing wrong in helping, right? And, besides, he still wants to know more about Ryeowook. He still wants to see the smaller details, the smaller details that only a person near him could see.


A/N: Aaaahh. Too short. ;A; I still have exams till Wednesday. Argh. Anyway, the plot of this story's simple and light, and... fluffy? Haha! Idk. XD
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Ryeowook grumbled as he stared at the result oh his exams. He failed in biology. And for Kim Ryeowook, failing is an extreme no-no. "What the hell. Now, I'm going to fail. Thanks to her and her damn hard questions." he cursed while mentally plotting ways on how to kill his teacher.

"What are we going to do, Wookie? What if Leeteuk Hyung finds this out?" Sungmin, his oh-so-cute and bright best friend asked as he, too, checked on his test results. Luckily for Sungmin, he knows how to handle Biology. But Ryeowook.

"I don't know, Hyung." Ryeowook answered, his eyes full of worry.

"Have tutorial sessions, then." Kyuhyun, who was playing with his PSP muttered, his eyes still glued on the small screen. "I know someone who can help you,"

"Who's that someone, Kyu?" Ryeowook's face lit up a bit, so as Sungmin's.

Kyuhyun finally averted his gaze from the console and he paused it as he looked at Ryeowook and Sungmin who was staring at him with pairs of hopeful eyes, waiting for an answer.

"Kim Jongwoon."


A/N: It's short. It's just the prologue, anyway. I might post the first chapter tomorrow. Corny title, corny plot. Sorry. XD
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30 August 2011 @ 10:03 pm
Donghae had always admired the other man, watching him in silence, with every move made by him being the cause of those little flips his heart was having.

It may be cheesy, or too corny, and he may seem like a high-school girl fantasizing over a petite and delicate man dancing in one of the school's dance room but he couldn't care less. He used to say that "He wasn't my type," or "How would I be able to like a guy?" but Donghae, was sometimes starting to question himself and complaining that he's having an identity crisis.

“He’ll melt if you continue to stare,” He flinched when he heard a familiar voice spoke suddenly while he’s watching the other dance gracefully, completely unaware of his presence.

Donghae glared at the intruder. “I’m just observing if he dances well. I heard that he wanted to join the dance club, so he practices here every day. I just want to make sure if he’s qualified.” He stood up, ready to leave the almost empty dance room.

“I don’t believe you. The way you ‘observe’ him, or should I say, look and stare at him, it seems like you’re in love with him.”

“Shut up, Cho Kyuhyun. He is not my type.”

“Okay?” Kyuhyun said, his voice hinted with mockery. He draped an arm around Donghae’s shoulder as he caught up to him, leaving their school’s dance room.

“But seriously, I know you like him.”

Donghae groaned. “Suit yourself!” He shrugged Kyuhyun’s arm off rather harshly, and Kyuhyun just laughed at him.


Donghae had always silently watched him from the other side of the room while he practices. In fact, it became Donghae’s habit, that every time his last subject ends, he heads straight to the dance room just to watch him dance to his favourite song. He even rejected Kyuhyun’s offer for a few rounds of Star Craft, Eunhyuk’s invitation for a sleep over together with their friends, and Sungmin’s offer for a study session which he never did before.

He’s improving, and he’s becoming impressive. He thought. He continued to watch him every time, and to be honest, if he’s going to be asked, he can say that he admires the other so much. He doesn’t know what he’s feeling. Maybe it was adoration, admiration… or maybe liking? Or maybe… just maybe… love at first sight?

No, that’s too cheesy. And Donghae was never romantic.


On the sixth time of his staring session, the man noticed him for the first time... or maybe not.

“Hi!” Donghae’s eyes went wide when he noticed the man whom he secretly ‘likes’ went out of the dance room so suddenly, with a wide grin on his face, his high cheekbones showing up as he smiles. Beautiful, he silently thought.

He released a deep breath that he didn’t realize he’s holding for quite a while, eyes darting through the man’s features, his mouth opened agape. “Oh… H-hi,” He stammered which is slightly embarrassing.

He heard a soft chuckle, and then again, he felt his breath hitched. His voice was beautiful, as well as his pink pair of lips, his eyes, his cheeks, his smile, his hair, everything that is him is beautiful.

“Would you mind if I invite you for some coffee?” The man asked, wiping the sweat dripping through his forehead using a white towel.

Why are you so adorable? Donghae bit his lower lip, resisting the urge to pinch the other’s cheeks.

“Hey, if you don’t want to, then it’s fine, I can just call Yesung-Hyung,” Donghae blinked when he heard the other man spoke up again, disappointment evident on his expression.

“N-no, I wouldn’t m-mind.” He said quickly, still stammering.

The man grinned, and Donghae noticed how his expression brightened, his eyes sparkled, and his lips curved into a half-moon. “Let’s go, Hae.”


Donghae didn’t dare to start a conversation. He’s too shy. Shy? He knew how Kyuhyun would tease him about him being shy, because Lee Donghae was never shy.

“I’m Ryeowook,” The man, or rather Ryeowook said, attempting to start a decent conversation. They haven’t introduced themselves formally, anyway, though he knew that the man who was in front of him is Lee Donghae.

Donghae sipped on his cup of coffee, savouring the bitter-sweet taste of the hot liquid lingering in his mouth. His gaze shifted from the table to Ryeowook, who was sitting across from him, gripping his own cup of coffee.

So Ryeowook is his name. Though Donghae had watched him dancing from quite a while now, he still doesn’t know what the other’s name is.

“Ah, I’m Donghae. Lee Donghae.” He responded, not knowing anything else nice to say.

“I know.” Ryeowook smiled, and was amused when Donghae raised his eyebrows. “You’ve been always watching me practice. So, how was it? Am I improving? Am I now qualified? I practice almost every day, and I felt quite guilty for not approaching you to talk.”

Donghae's eyes went wide. "H-how..."


A/N: Ahahaha! TBC. Lol. I put 'TBC' at the end of this entry. It felt weird. XD Idk. I won't call this plot-less, because every story, no matter how crappy it was, has a plot. Argh. Anyway, enjoy? It's my first attempt in writing a Donghae/Ryeowook fic, though the pairing was one of my guilty pleasures. And I wasn't really planning on posting this here, but yeah. Too much rant. XD /runs away
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17 August 2011 @ 09:59 pm

Ryeowook cooked something for Shindong.


His stomach rumbled as the smell of someone’s cooking graced through the air. Shindong is currently practicing their new dance steps alone, because the others went to their different schedules. Since he didn’t eat his lunch, he felt hungry and had to resist the urge to just go downstairs and storm in the kitchen to find something edible to eat.


There was a soft knock on the dance room’s door that made him stop his dancing. “Hyung, come on, I cooked something. Let’s eat downstairs.” The eternal magnae said, poking his head inside the room.


Shindong was hesitant at first, but followed the younger nonetheless.


“What’s this? This tastes nice.” Shindong complimented, taking more servings of Ryeowook’s cooking.


“Actually, I invented this recipe. I still don’t know what to name it.” He said, shoving a glass of water to the dancer.


“Heebum-ah!” Heechul tapped his foot on the kitchen’s floor, calling for his pet cat. “Ryeowook-ah, did you see where Heebum’s cat food go?” He asked as he looked over cupboard by cupboard.


Ryeowook shrugged. “I think you already ran out of it,”


The eldest picked his cat up. “Oh, is that so? Come on, Heebum-ah, let’s go to the supermarket and buy some food for you, hmm?” He continued, completely exiting the kitchen.


When Heechul was nowhere to be found, Shindong finished his meal. “What did you put in this?”


Ryeowook, who was busy washing the dishes, slowly tilted his head to face the older, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. “Heebum’s cat food?”


The moment those words escaped Ryeowook’s lips, Shindong ran to the sink, puking everything he ate.


“Don’t worry, Hyung.” Ryeowook patted the gagging Shindong’s back. “Heechul Hyung buys good quality cat foods for Heebum.” He mocked as he made his way out of the kitchen, leaving the other who wanted nothing but to just snap the life out of the eternal magnae.


Yesung entered the kitchen with a coffee mug on hand, only to see Shindong’s pale face. “What happened to you?” He frowned, touching the younger’s forehead to check whether he’s sick or not.






“Will I die if I ate cat food?” Shindong asked.


Yesung, who was pouring water in a glass, looked up at him. “No. You won’t die, but whiskers, fur and a tail might grow in your body.”


The serious expression on Yesung’s face made Shindong freak out. That’s it. He’s going to choke Ryeowook to death.

A/N: Random. I wrote this when I was writing a story for our English project. Comments, please? ^__^

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17 August 2011 @ 09:47 pm

Eunhyuk is curious about Donghae’s mannerism.


Eunhyuk stared at his band mate as the other bites his lips, looking seductive just by doing that supposed to be small and innocent action.


“Why do you keep on biting your lips?” Seeing the other bite his lips constantly, Eunhyuk was curious about why Donghae always does it. “It might bleed,”


Donghae tilted his head to face his companion who was looking at him with great interest. “I don’t know,” he shrugged. “It feels… good?”


“It does?”  Eunhyuk asked.


Donghae nodded, still biting his lips. “Yeah,”


“How about…”




Donghae looked at the other, waiting for an answer. But before he realized it, his soft lips were already locked with Eunhyuk’s soft ones. He let out a soft whimper as the rapper bit his lips.


“Did it also feel good when I bit your lips?” Eunhyuk grinned, his gums showing as he did.


“Yeah, it actually felt better than lip biting,” Donghae leaned in and pulled Eunhyuk for another kiss.

A/N: I have the same mannerism as Donghae's, and my friend asked me why do I keep on biting my lips. XD

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22 May 2011 @ 05:40 pm
Title: Of Sweet Memories
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Character: kid!Donghae
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: He never knew that his brother's small wish that he granted will bring him into an unexpected romance, and a sudden turn out of things that he didn't expect to happen.

Donghae was tugging Yesung’s shirt for who knows how long and it’s the thing he’s been doing for the last 10 minutes, convincing his Hyung to go and bring him to the park. “Hyung, please, Bada and I will play with the other kids there…” he pouted, raising his dog in front of Yesung’s face.

Yesung heaved a deep breath, giving up to his brother’s request. “Okay, okay. Wait for me here. I’ll get my cap.”

Not long after, Yesung found himself in the park filled with different types of people. There were mothers watching out for their kids who were running and playing around, lovers who were showing their affection towards each other publicly, and some are taking out their pets for a walk.

He sat on a bench and let his brother play with his dog and some kids. He decided to buy a cup of coffee from the nearby convenience store, leaving his brother for a short while.

Donghae was playing with his dog when it suddenly ran away from him, causing him to chase after his pet. “Bada!” he ran and almost tripped when a petite man caught him, preventing him to fall and let his face hit the hard, grassy ground.

“You okay?” The man asked, smiling at him. Donghae giggled when he saw Bada reaching out to the man, its tail wiggling with his tongue and butt sticking out.

He nodded vigorously and grinned at the said man. “Thank you!” he said, fixing himself. “I’m Donghae! And he’s my dog, Bada.” He introduced himself and pointed at the creature tugging the man’s pants.

“Hi Donghae, my name’s Ryeowook.” The man reached out and pinched Donghae’s cheek lightly.

Donghae giggled once more before getting his pet off the man’s legs. “I’m sorry, Bada ran away from me. Bad dog.” He patted the dog’s head lightly.

Ryeowook chuckled and ruffled Donghae’s hair. “You’re alone? Where’s your Mommy?” he asked, noticing that no one ran after the kid.

“I’m with my Hyung, I think he went to buy something.” Donghae answered.

Ryeowook smiled at him before saying, “Be careful next time, alright, Donghae?”

“I will be careful next time, Ryeowook Hyung!” Donghae exclaimed.
“That’s good. Uh, Hyung needs to go now, wait for your Hyung here, okay?” Ryeowook patted the kid’s head before walking away.

“You’ll be back and play with me, right, Hyung?” Donghae asked and Ryeowook nodded with a smile. “Goodbye!” he waved, watching the man’s retreating figure.

Yesung came back with a steaming cup of coffee and a box of strawberry milk on hand. “Hae, did you enjoy playing with Bada? Here, I have something for you.” He handed the milk to his brother who bounced and drank it happily.


The next day, Donghae was there again, tugging Yesung’s sleeve as the older man watches an action movie in the living room. “Hyung, let’s go to the park today!” He said, jumping happily.

“But we went there yesterday, Hae.” Yesung said, his eyes never leaving the television screen.

Donghae pouted. “But Ryeowook Hyung would be waiting for me… he said we’re going to play with Bada today,” he said, sitting on the floor.

Yesung looked at his brother, hearing an unfamiliar name escaped the younger’s mouth. “Ryeowook… hyung?” he asked and Donghae nodded.

“Hmm, my new friend,”

Curious to who’s his brother’s friend is, Yesung agreed to go to the park.


“Ryeowook Hyung!” Donghae pulled Yesung to a spot in the park wherein a man was seated on one of the benches. The man smiled and kneeled down to place a kiss on the kid’s forehead.

“Missed me?” The man asked with a dazzling smile. He handed Donghae a lollipop which the kid gladly accepted.

“I thought you’re not going to come,” Donghae said as he nibbled on his candy.

“I don’t have the heart to do that to you, Hae.”

Yesung cleared his throat, catching the attention of both Donghae and the small man. “Oh!” Donghae pulled Yesung’s free hand and laced it with Ryeowook’s. “Hyung, this is Ryeowook Hyung, the one I’m talking about. He’s cute, isn’t he?” Donghae giggled when he saw a blush crept Ryeowook’s cheeks.

Yesung stared at him, examining his features, their hands still laced unconsciously. Ryeowook was dashing, with round eyes, perfectly shaped nose, high cheekbones, plump lips and brown hair that fall through his forehead, slightly hiding his brown orbs. Ryeowook was breathtakingly beautiful.

Ryeowook smiled and started to speak. “I’m Ryeowook, nice meeting you…” he gave the other man who was still staring at him with lips slightly apart a look.

“Yesung. Nice meeting you too, Ryeowook-ssi.” Yesung said, waking up from his own reverie. Looking down at their still laced hands, they pulled their hands away, not daring to look at each other’s eyes.

Donghae tugged onto Yesung’s pants causing him to look down at his brother. The young boy pointed at the swing, saying that he wanted to play.

Ryeowook watched as Yesung pushed the giggling Donghae who was sitting at the swing, with his tiny hands clasped against the rusty chains. The two looked so happy and engrossed with their activity. They’re so fun to watch, He thought.

Donghae ran and ran across the park and Yesung and Ryeowook ended up chasing him. The kid seemingly had an endless amount of energy. The two older men lied down the green, grassy ground, letting their tired bodies rest as Donghae continued to play and run around.

“Ryeowook-ssi…” Yesung began, immediately closing his eyes when his sight reached the warm, bright, shining sun.

“Hmm?...” Ryeowook responded, and like Yesung’s, his eyes are also closed, letting himself bathe under the warm summer sun with a smile formed on his lips.

“Donghae’s tiring, isn’t he?” Yesung asked, tilting his head to face the other man.

Ryeowook chuckled. “Of course not,” he said. “I love kids,” he added.

“Oh…” Silence filled the atmosphere. Somehow, Yesung loved the comforting silence engulfing them. It makes him feel relaxed.

“Hyung? Hyung? Hyuuunnngggg!” They both sat up, hearing Donghae’s loud shriek. “Let’s go home now, I’m tired…” Donghae said, yawning.

Ryeowook stood up and kneeled down, reaching Donghae’s level. “Goodbye, Hae. Thank you.” He made a move to walk away but stopped when Donghae’s tiny hand held his bigger ones.

“Don’t go,” Donghae said. “I want you to come with us, come home with us.” He looked at the older man with a pair of hopeful eyes, shifting his gaze to his older brother. “Hyung, you want Ryeowook Hyung to come with us, right?”

Yesung mouthed a reluctant “Eh?” but nodded nonetheless.

Ryeowook then agreed to Donghae’s request, walking home with the two brothers with Donghae sleeping soundly on Yesung’s shoulders.
“You really love Donghae, don’t you?” Ryeowook asked after minutes of silence while walking down the street on the way to Yesung’s apartment.

“Yes. Well… he’s the only one who’s left with me.” Yesung answered. His voice was low, and full of sadness.

Ryeowook just couldn’t help but ask. He wanted to know more about Yesung, and he’ll do something for it. “Why? Where are your parents?”

“They left us,”

Before they realize it, they were already in front of Yesung’s apartment. They went in, and Yesung laid the sleeping Donghae on their bed. He offered a small talk and Ryeowook willingly accepted the offer.

Making his self comfortable on the couch and in Yesung’s company, Ryeowook asked the other man the things he wanted to know. After exchanging conversations, Ryeowook found out that Yesung’s Dad was a drug addict, causing his Mom to leave them and remarry. Soon after their Mom left, their father died leaving him and Donghae all home and penniless. He also found out that Yesung was no longer studying, but he’s working on a small café nearby instead to provide himself and Donghae their needs.

“Sorry,” was all Ryeowook could utter.

“For what?” Yesung asked, sipping on a cup of tea.

“For asking… for interfering… for…”

“No, it’s alright. I felt better after we talked about it anyway,” True, Yesung felt better after talking about those personal things with someone he just met hours ago. He doesn’t know why, but being with this person somehow makes him strangely comfortable.

Silence. Minutes of silence occurred until Ryeowook stood up, saying that he needs to go.

“Thank you, Yesung-sshi.” He said the moment they reached Yesung’s front door.

“No, Thank you, Ryeowook-sshi…” Yesung said, pausing to take a deep breath and smiled. “Thank you for this day… Thank you for listening to me.”

Ryeowook grinned and hugged Yesung, surprising the other man who was blushing at the same time. Yesung reluctantly raised his hand, hugging the smaller man back.

A/N: Actually, this has no definite plot. T^T Uh, do you think that I still have to continue writing this one? Well, I don't know. T^T Comments are <3
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