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26 February 2012 @ 03:02 pm
Happy Anniversary, SS3 Manila!  
February 26, 2012, Sunday
12:30 PM

It's been a year since SS3 Manila. I had so many struggles but I managed to go to the concert! It was the happiest day of my life, really. I wouldn't be able to go if not for my brother's breaking heart after seeing me cry for four hours straight last Feb. 25, 2011 cause my grandma won't allow me without an adult. Good thing his boyfriend talked and convinced him so we were able to go!

At this time during that day, my cousin and I were scrambling and running along the streets in Cubao, rushing to get into the MRT. I've been unstoppable, nagging her non-stop cause I'm afraid we'll be late and be the last ones in the line. Good thing though, two of our friends went to Araneta at eight in the morning (cause we left my house at seven am, for goodness' sake and my classmate was late so we had to wait for her for almost two hours) to reserve lines for us. We didn't even bother to have our breakfast that day. So my cousin and I went to Blumentritt to meet her classmates so that we can go to the Coliseum together. My feet were nearly sore, and we aren't even near to the venue. Unfortunately, we still needed to go back home cause we forgot to bring her binoculars after asking for money from my aunt. At about one in the afternoon, we finally reached the venue and I ran, almost dragging the three of them to the line. We were running like mad along Gateway, and we were panting like we just came from a marathon. We hadn't even eaten our lunch yet, so we bought donuts for our friends in line cause they were complaining of hunger. They've been in the line for about six hours! XD

I was relieved that the tents were still there when we came. The people who were selling concert goods and lightsticks were still there. Cause if the guards already set them off before we arrived, I could have strangle my cousin right then and there. Lol. Just kidding though. XD I was really engrossed into shopping for goods that I didn't realize that I dropped three one hundred peso bills. -____- I talked to the Korean woman selling lightsticks and I called here "Ahjumma". It felt kinda weird. Haha!

At two thirty in the afternoon, we fell in line. And we were almost the first ones in line, thanks to our friends who reserved slots for us. Since food was not allowed inside Araneta, we ate the donuts while falling in line. We talked to the guard and made jokes with him. We talked about Taylor Swift (since she was the last one who performed in Araneta before SS3), and we asked him about the boys. "They were loud," he said. And we were like, "It's actually a normal thing for them!" with our cheeks blushing and we're beaming at him like little girls who received their gifts for Christmas. "What else? Are they playful? Are they cute?!" we asked him a lot of questions which he willingly answered. "They were very playful, and they kept on smiling, especially the small one." and we were like, "OMG DONGHAE?!" and he said, "The handsome one," and we were right, and we squealed again.

At four o'clock, the gates were finally opened and all of us ran like we were running for our lives. We rushed through the lines and waited upstairs for about an hour again before they let us inside the Coliseum at five. There were mommies with their daughters, and they were also wearing fan-made shirts and lightsticks around their necks! That was so amusing. We ran to our seats again, and my cousin fell off the stairs. XD We laughed at her and sat at our spot.

At around six, the Coliseum was starting to be filled with ELF, starting from the SVIP up to the VVIP. While we were waiting till seven in the evening, the staffs were playing SJ songs and we sang along. There were also logos and advertisements flashing on the big screens. Photos of K-POP stars endorsing Sanuk were flashed on the big screens. When it was Sungmin, Leeteuk, Donghae and Heechul's photos shown, we would scream loudly. And when it was the other artists' turn, the screams would die down. The SUJU MAD and SJUPH staffs were starting to give the materials for the fan projects. My Hee banner was snatched by a girl so I was really pissed off.

At around seven, I was still talking to my cousin and taking some pictures with her when the lights went off. We started screaming and the music started playing,and the lightsticks were turned on. It was a really nice and different feeling when you see the Sapphire Blue Ocean yourself, especially when you're a part of it. I felt like crying.

During Don't Don, everyone was damn crazy. And even throughout the whole concert or outside the venue, we were still screaming. We sang and danced along with every member performing every song, which Henry was so happy for. XD During his solo, we danced with him and screamed his name. He was really overwhelmed because well... I think you know why. XD

Leeteuk was very pleased and happy (everybody was, actually, especially Heechul and that bitch said he was sick during that time XD). He took his shirt off during the final bow and threw it to the audience, making sure it'll land on the old lady on the VVIP section. How sweet. :">

Heechul was really really flirty and playful and hyper! During his Poker Face and Crazy in Love perf, he kept on showing his undies! He kept on thrusting against Donghae's hips and the latter looked abused! Lol. XD During Tok Tok, he was also fooling around with Sungmin, Hyukjae, Donghae and Shindong. They lied on the stage and swayed their legs up and down! He went to the VVIP section and signed a plain shirt for a fan, and kissed a little girl named Casey!(and that was Heechul's English name) He also got two Kangin and Kibum masks from the audience and wore them during Good Person.

Yesung was also hyper and I noticed something different about him. His smile, it was so genuine and it looked really contented. During his solo perf, It Has To Be You, we sang along with him. We all memorized the lyrics by heart, so we were able to sing the song with him like we were native Korean speakers. At the first few lines of the song, his face showed a slight smile which looked like a little smirk. Then he started to smile, his eyebrows were slightly raising when we sang really loud. He was grinning and his smile... it will make you melt! T___T Then he said before the chorus, "EVERYBODY NOW!" then he let the crowd sing the rest of the chorus while swaying his hands and his head. He closed his eyes and his smile turned wider. He even took his earpiece off to hear us sing! "Good!" he says as we were singing, and then said again, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" before he sang again. Maybe because he knew we knew his song very well, and you know how he is when he's flattered. XD My friend saw that Yesung was holding a phone and took two selcas. One with the fans, and one with EunSiHae. She thought it was a fan's phone, but we were surprised when Yesung put the phone on his pocket! And during Henry's speech, he, Hyukjae and Donghae were strolling around the stage and getting gifts from the fans. He wore a Vietnamese hat and a straw bag! He got a long, soft toy and hit Henry's head with it when he heard him not using honorfics as he said, "Leeteuk", and not "Leeteuk Hyung". He also had a racing with Hyukjae towards the front of the VVIP seats!

Shindong was also jolly during that night. He was really friendly and he even got a box of pizza from a fan and ate it on stage during You and I! While the other members were singing and playing with the audience, he was standing on a corner, eating the pizza! He looked really cute and I felt the urge to jump from my seat and feed him more pizzas ;A; During Cooking Cooking, he slipped out of his mushroom costume and fooled around with the members!

Sungmin was really sweet and handsome and cute ksdgfvjbkgjvf. :"> He was really captivating when he was playing the guitar for Wookie's solo. He kept on roaming around the stage and getting gifts from the fans. He sat on the stage and tore a bar of chocolate into small parts and gave it to the fans one by one! He was dangling his feet like a little kid! He and Heechul took a selca with the fans using Polaroid. During In My Dream, he stood in front of the VVIP section and took a Sunflower plushie from a fan. He was swaying it while singing his lines. He looked like crying and we laughed at him. When he was called "Min," by a fan, he turned around and waved at her! His If U Leave perf was also very enchanting ;A; During Cooking Cooking, he was wearing his pumpkin costume and went in a corner. He crouched down and hid inside his pumpkin suit. And when he was about to go out of his hiding place, he went out of balance and fell! He was rolling on the floor and asking for help from the fans. He was really cute! When he regained his balance and was about to stand up again, evil beansprout Hyukjae ran into him and kicked him! He was rolling on the floor again and Hyukjae laughed evilly, leaving him like that! XD

Hyukjae, like the other members was also very hyper! He was running and playing all the time. He kept on collecting gifts from the fans and taking them backstage! He got a towel on his shoulders, plushies and toys! During Down, he was very hot and sweaty and sexy andkgfdgikdfhjhg and girls were screaming "Tangina, Hyukjae, nakakabuntis!" XD His and Donghae's I Wanna Love You perf also got us crazy and screaming! During the final bow, he yelled, "You are so gorgeous!" and we squealed again! So cute! <33

Donghae, like the child-like hottie he is, was very cheerful. He kept on playing around and collecting gifts from the fans. His perf with Hyukjae was really hot and we had to resist the urge to pull the girl off them. XD He wore a purple egg shirt during the final bow. He had a lot of toys in hand, too. And during the break, he asked, "How do you feel?" and we answered, "Good!" and he said, "Good job!" with thumbs up. He and Yesung switched costumes during Cooking Cooking so he was wearing the broccoli suit and Yesung was wearing the onion. And when the members started to leave for the backstage after the final bow, He, Henry, Hyukjae and Yesung stayed and formed a single line, kissing their thumbs and showing it to the audience. They looked really squishy ksdgfbdkgbjfd ;A;

Siwon was really nice and a real gentle man! He spoke in English during the introduction and the final bow. His Looking for the Day" was very heartfelt. You can feel his sincerity. During All My Heart, he pounced on Donghae and pinned him on the floor like *cough* he was *cough* doing something to him! Lol. XD That was my most unforgettable SS3 Manila moment! XD

Zhou Mi wasn't able to make it here. :(((( I guess it was because of the issue going on between the Philippines and China? I don't know. But he went here for SS2 Manila. My friend said (because she was able to go to both) he was really handsome in person! And tall, too!

Ryeowook was kinda silent, though. He was smiling and playing with the audience, but he wasn't that hyper. I don't know why. :(( He wore bunny ears from the audience and a straw bag, like Yesung's! (OMG MY OTP LOL) During One Fine Spring Day, we sat and sang with him (we did that in every ballad song). His voice was very beautiful and he sounded so magical. My cousin and I took videos of him singing and I watched it every time. He waved cutely using his hands and he was doing some aegyo. During SS2 Manila, there were many Yewook moments, but this SS3 Manila, I think the moment they had was a mere tap on the shoulders and some slight hugging. He was so precious and gentle and nice, too. ;A;

Kyuhyun, if you attended the concert, for a moment, you won't be able to say Evil Kyu. He was really really nice! He was waving and smiling all the time. He kept on squinting his eyes even though the lights were hurting his eyes, just to see the ones in the General Admission. When he was finally able to see the ELF sitting there, he waved at us and smiled! We waved back at him. That was really touching. :') During his solo and the ballad songs, his eyes kept on watching the audience and he seemed like thinking of something. He was really handsome in person!

Henry was one of the hyper members! He felt really overwhelmed by the love we gave him. During his silo and his speech. Leeteuk even used him as a personal translator! When he came out for the final bow, we screamed really loudly and he said, "What's up, Manila?!" and "Wow, you guys are loud!" then we squealed louder! "Super Junior... we've been to many countries but you guys are the loudest! he said again and if ever possible, the screams turned even louder. Leeteuk kept on whispering in his ears and he translated Leeteuk's every word. He said that they'll see us soon, so we hope there will be another Super Show here, but sadly, there would be none because Araneta Coliseum is too small for the whole SS4 production.

When the concert ended, we all went out of the place with happy hearts and unforgettable experiences we won't be able to forget for the rest of our lives.

That day... would be the happiest day of my entire life, I swear. Especially that I know that all of the boys loved it here. They loved us, PH ELF very much, I know that. :">
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Dy: gainpartyincloud9 on February 26th, 2012 07:34 am (UTC)
Would you look at that. (Or rather, this.) We basically had the same experience. Like, we also commuted to Araneta. We took the MRT. We had to rush since we bought a new memory card for our camera, right before the concert. Haha, I was panicking--well, me and my sister-- since we might be late for the concert. Haha, those were the days. Now, I miss this type of experience.

Too bad I won't be able to watch ss4. SS3 is my favorite, it's actually better and more memorable than SS2 Manila. In my opinion, that is.
purplelove2nee8: kyunnie:)purplelove2nee8 on February 26th, 2012 09:14 am (UTC)
Really? Well, using the MRT would be a better way than riding a cab or something. You know, there's always a heavy traffic along EDSA. -___- I was, too! We also tried to find a memory card for my cousin's camera but we failed, though. In what section were you in?

Yeah, IKR. T___T Me, too. Bad luck, we won't be having them back here. D:

Well, they said that SS3 was a lot better, indeed. And more people watched the concert than SS2. :)
Dy: pic#115138080partyincloud9 on February 26th, 2012 03:31 pm (UTC)
We were in the seated VIP section. :) My sister and I attended both SS2 and SS3.

Haha, I miss those feelings. Rushing before the concert, and then PCD afterwards.
purplelove2nee8purplelove2nee8 on February 28th, 2012 04:55 pm (UTC)
Lucky you! We were in the General Admission and swear, I felt like jumping from my seat! <//3